CCCS programs, Collection agencies

Was there something else you were hoping for?

Was there something else you were hoping for? It seems like you only have two options. Either keep it or sell it. You can either spend the money on gas or sell it and buy something with better mileage. I can’t see any other options unless you want to get further in debt, and that is usually what we

I have been pondering this same thing and good luck finding someone who wants to buy an SUV right now. I talked to 2 dealers and they are having problems moving SUVs secondary to the gas prices.

I had the same problem with some of my debts that had been turned over to collection but none of the CCCS or DMPs I contacted refused to take my case. They did say that some collectors are very difficult to deal with and they are not req’d by law to participate with CCCS’s. I was advised to continue to contact the collection agencies (in writing, certified/return receipt) and just continue to tell them all I could afford is x dollars, otherwise I was prepared to file bankruptcy. I would also contact some other CCCS’s for their input. Just out of curiosity, which CCCS’s did you contact?