Shades of Green question

Well, we are going with my SIL and her family and they have 2 adults and 2 children. We will have 3 adults and 4 children, 3 and an infant.

We figured that one of our kids could sleep in their room and that we would have a crib for the baby. I know friends that went and took 2 kids and another adult and did fine.

So, my question is will they absolutely not allow it or is it cramped. Because my friend told me the rooms are some of the largest on Disney property. My mother is the one that is military so we have to take her.

LOL I hate to splurge and spend $$ on another room and they probably don’t have one available this late anyway, but possibly.

They fill up fast. We went to Corpus Christi, TX last summer and got 2 adjoining rooms. One child slept on a lounge (lawn) chair with an air mattress on it and the other 2 slept in the other bed. ( again 2 families, 9 total people) Seemed to work out fine. We did San Antonio this summer with 5 to a room and just got a trundle in our room at no extra charge.