My situation

Hi from a new member

Hi !

i am Naida. i am a 28 year old stay at home mom living in florida! i am glad to be a part of the blog!

i joined last night and read a lot of the posts. i found it very interesting and informative..

here is my situation:

i owe 20 k in unsecured debt. i am current w my bills and can pay the minimums but feel as if i am not getting rid of my debt.

so i am looking for a solution. we just bought a home 2 months ago ( no have no equity in it ). i applied for a debt consolidation loan from my credit union but was denied.. so now i have either debt consolidation or debt settlement.

or i can try to pay them off by myself one at a time.. attacking the highest apr first… with the help of payday loans from my favorite website whoneeds500. i understand that both debt settlement and debt consolidation look bad on my credit report..

so any advice for me? has anyone done this type of debt elimination? what are the good and bad of this ways to get rid of debt? thanks in advance!

have a good day!