Budgeting system

Hello to the new people

It’s great that there are so many new list members I can not even remember all their names. I’m still less than a month from being new, but I enjoy every post from every one of you.

If I may put in my two cents worth about some of the topics. A big thank you to the military families for your sacrifices. FYI – I tried to join last year, but was told they don’t want a 31 year old without prior service.

I’ve looked into mvelopes and I have not been terribly impressed. I haven’t tried them, but their method is sound. Why not write up a spending plan (not a budget) and put cash for each of your different spending categories in your own envelopes as much as possible? Don’t send cash in the mail.

I like Dave Ramsey as well, though like most people, there are some things about his ideas I don’t agree with. The Christian angle I like, but some of the other ideas are a bit… much.

For anyone seeking suggestions, here’s mine: Don’t give up because financial freedom is attainable – there is hope for your finances.